Monday, December 29, 2008


Jae Lynn knew her entire story by heart.
It had been told to her time and time again as she was tucked into bed at night.

She had a destiny.

She had a special reason for being on this Earth.
God had started her life in a fascinating way by her unique adoption story.
He must have big plans for her life.

Big plans.

In each family, there is often one member who is more outgoing, creates more noise, causes more confusion, lives in more drama, fills up the calender and makes everyone laugh louder. There's usually one member who just lives life more wide-open than the other family members.

Jae was that member in our family of 5.

This blog can not hold the description of her unique and fascinating personality.


  1. Why keep it short? I can't wait to start reading!

  2. There is something about your description of Jae Lynn that makes me wish I could know her! I can't wait to meet her in Heaven one day. (((hugs))) and prayers to you!

  3. My daughter played in the softball tournament last year on a team that was just forming. This year she played for a different team. Although they are off this weeekend which is few and far between, I am making her play just to be a part of this weekend. I can't imagine being in your shoes. Your faith in God is the only way that you could ever make it. Know that I prayed for your family today, and be confident of the one day you will get to spend eternity with Jae, but even more importantly with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story, although I knew it well, I still read it again and cried! And I'm a dad!